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Banten lies in the western part of Java. The area consists of the city of Bogor and Jakarta and in the past also the city of Lampung in South Sumatera was part of the whole area. The most well known tribe from Banten is the Baduy. Not only there is a distinction in clothes an language, also there is a difference in fysical appearance and character of the people.
People in the Sunda region used to have their meals on the floor with crossed legs. Under the influence of the Dutch the dinnertable was introduced. At special events like weddings or the circumcision of a young boy dinner would be served like a bufet on a table. This is called the parasmanan.
In the Sundanese area you will be able to find most of the special dishes. Some people also make food from other areas (for instance once a month) like from Bali or Mid-Java.

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