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Círebon at the border between Western Java an Middle Java lies Círebon. The culture is a mixture of the Western Javanese and Middle Javanese culture. In Círebon lived the man that was the most famous spreading the Islam religion: Suan Guning Jati. He was of Chinese origin. His grave is a sort of pilgrimage place not only for Islamic people but also for the Chinese. One of the most famous kinds of art from Círebon is the Tarling - a traditional music with guitar an suling (flute) as instruments. Círebon is the Kota Udang (prawn city).
Kabupaten (or the city of) Sumedang that belongs to the area of Círebon is well known by its special preparation of tofu - a product of mashed soyabeans. Another well known kabupaten of Círebon is Indramayu.

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