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Indonesian Restaurant Soenda Kelapa
Utrechtsestraat 89
1017 VK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 - 627 94 16

Open from 18:00 to 23:00
No PIN / No credit card

We also do catering for parties, weddings and lunches for companies.
You can reach us at mobile number: 06 - 478 311 24 of 06 - 410 409 93.

Restaurant soenda kelapa has a Western Javanese quisine/kitchen.
"Soenda" lies in Western Java, a province in Indonesia about as big as Holland but with 50 million inhabitants (is much, compared with the 18 milion of Holland). It's capital is Bandung.
The sundanes language is different and isn't a bit like the Indonesian or Malaisian language.
During the Dutch era Sunda was devided in three areas:

Priangan Cirebon Banten
schepen (34K)

We wish you a happy time at "Soenda Kelapa".

'Wilujeung Tuang, Mangga nyaggakeun' or ''Have a nice meal''