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Priangan lies in the middle of Westeren Java. In Priangen the Sundanese language is more refined than in the other areas. In stead of with fork an spoon the people rather eat with their hands. The most well known dishes of Priangan are Lalapan (vegetables/salad), grilled fish and poultry.
The most well known kabupaten or cities of Priangan are:
Tasikmalaya (known by its traditional manufacturing like mat plaiting and open embroidery),
Garut (known by its "dodol", a sort of fruit, preserved by sugar - the dodol Garut),
Ciamis (known by its coconut oil and aren palm sugar) and
Cianjur (known by its rice). And there is the music of the town Cianjuran.
Bandung (Bandung Kota Kembang) was during the old times or tempo doeloe known as the Paris of the island of Java or as the flower city (Bandung Kota Kembang).

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